John's Champions Page


John's Champions Page

The Jasmine City has Super heroes

The Jasmine City

Corruption is growing in the Jasmine City. Sonya the tough martial artist, with a blast, is the first to step forward and protect openly against the corruption. A few days later she gets help from a muscular friend called Blitz and Esper an egoist with a gift. Within the week Plasmatica joined the heroes and there are four.

Two months later in a tough fight against some of organized crimes best. The two teen twins showed up and tipped the scales for a good side win. He is the Magician and his twin sister Minx is a tough martial artist, with some unique abilities. After the victory the twins are taken on as junior members.

The hero hall built by the city has six spots for heroes and everyone gets their own room complex. Most have gyms to some extent bases on their abilities. Some have computers as well as kitchen and living room in addition to the bedroom. There are different options for music or television whichever the heroes want. The first floor is a gift shop with hero inspired t shirts that sell off the shelves.

The profits from the shop ensure, the cost of heroes using the features of the complex cost, easily. The hero complex is showing a profit even in the first year.

Muscled men like Blitz and buy his stuff. The Magician is about magic with his stuff. The girls of the group sell more with their costume t-shirts and popularity. Sonya, Plasmatica, Exper and Minx are those females who sell the most t-shirts.

They can use disguises to enter the building through the private entrances. This helps them secure their secret ID as all have secret id but Sonya who has no particular id disadvantage.

They work well as a team they are all good heroes and true blue when it comes to switching to the other side for power and money. They will stay put as heroes because they have some power between them. There are no rivalries within the group and they all look out for each other.

Jasmine city has embraced the heroes and with five secret Ids they must be careful when they interview. Sonya can be herself and she is loved by the people.

They have different ways of movement some run fast others can fly while even others can teleport. They can move quietly though town and catch sometimes criminals in the act of stealing or other nefarious activities. They are a well, equipped group. The heroes are worthy and appreciated by the people.

1/27/2000  The heroes are celebrated for a route of the Organized Crime headquarters with the help of the union of heroes, !! heroes came to help and between they the captured three villains from the group they an officer Domino the assassin Whisper and Electra who has the power to cause blackouts in sections of the city by overloading the lines, They are imprisoned in the new Arkham Prison Service location,  They are all likely to be there many years,  The heroes have their best day and a celebration is given for them and they are more popular than ever. The people have a sense things will get better now,  Times are changing and the good guys are making waves, 

  A new heroine has stepped up and taken out a Organized Crime officer by dominating him enough he willingly went with the officers to be arrested to get away from her, Agony is apparently quite powerful and we must find her to make sure,