John's Champions Page


John's Champions Page

City of Tourmaline

The newest city in land and many have moved here and population quickly rises. Organized crime gets big and villains have their way. Finally two heroes appear Coda and White Ice. They are good team his strength and her blasts make a good combination. They do their best to curb villain rule. They make some progress when the villains begin to form groups. Then the villains take back some of the city. This is not popular in city.

More heroes over the next seven months appear and join. The first to come is the egoist Intrigue. Two months later the model and singer turn super hero Idol joins the group. Finally five months later the group is five when Starfire joins. He is an alien battler. He was anti-establishment in his home world and shipped out. His craft crash landed in the Yukon and he took the form of a human and was rescued to this city. There are five heroes now and they begin to slow the spread of villains and take back a good part of the city.

The city with five heroes puts forth a budget for hero base. It will be ready in two years and has spots for seven heroes. It will be funded by the gift store on the first floor where hero designed t-shirts. The construction is scheduled to begin in the spring and finish in late 2021 or early 2022.

The heroes are glad they are building them a home. They continue to take back the city and the Villains have not adapted to larger groups yet. Organized crime has so many contacts they are tough to remove those people. Organized crime will be the toughest egg to crack.

In the meantime they work the city and keep it safe from the villains who once ruled the city. The heroes are good friends and work well together. They have their way right now.