John's Champions Page


John's Champions Page

The Garnet City has Super heroes

Garnet City

45 years ago there was a nuclear war that left only a few places safe. Radioactive protection was placed around the cities of today and they have developed high speed planes that can work over some of the radiated areas. There are nine city states named after gems that remain. The other eight cities have both heroes and villains where the Diamond city has but villains. It is unlikely that only bad people were gifted power after the turmoil and it is only a matter of time before heroes come forth.

There is an opportunity to be one of the first replacement heroes of the Diamond city. The city is hoping for heroes and is in the process of building a home for heroes that is nearly done. With seven floors and a hero gift shop on the first, it has a super gymnasium for the heroes on floor 2. The open floor three offers a kitchen to make food a table to eat at and couches and chairs for heroes to congregate. The floors 4 through 7 are divided into 6 areas hoping for six heroes. With modules available for them which include bedrooms, Laboratories, Libraries, Connection to the police and fire and villain alert with a computer center included, Private areas to work your powers, and they all have access from the outside. They can customize modules to suit each hero.

With the death of the Ice Vixen to the Black Knight great sorrow followed her to a hero's funeral and she was appreciated for being the only heroine to step forward. At her funeral five heroes that defeated the Black Knight swore they would do their best the replace her. See the police report for more details.