John's Champions Page


The heroes of Diamond City

The Scarlet Knight nominated the leader by the group. He has a suit of incredible armor that has blast and healing along with great stat increases and defense. He found the armor while exploring the mountains outside Greece before the nuclear event that brought him to Diamond City. He examined the armor and with his Electronics and Mechanics along with a little inventor, he improved the armor to its current state. He is 42 and in great shape as well as a quality armor specialist.

He moved to the hero center in Diamond City that was customized for him. From there he monitors the city from his computer and works on improving the armor. He is a good leader and the city is getting safer since the team took over.

Restrain is the one with a public id and his huge muscles and his ability to entangle sets him aside from the party. He is a bouncer in real life and rarely has an issue. He went to be the most fearsome hero with high defenses and high strength he can bring the fight to you. He is a popular hero. He is 25 and a great brick.

Beguile uses his mind to work the minds of the criminals into his vision of what they are. He uses what he learns against them and twists further in their mind. His powers are invisible to see but the results are clearly apparent. He is a true blue heart and will always help the better side. He is a popular hero too. He is 23 and learning to use his powers.

Vixen is a model and a heroine she wears what is sexy one piece that covers her shoulders and goes down to her crotch is yellow with a crimson border and shows off her incredible tan as well as her sexy body. She can fly and blast pure energy as well as martial arts and is quite resistant to damage. She may be the most popular heroine. Even if still just 19 years old.

Misery always has the most positive attitude of all those around her. They seem to fall into despair if they are around her too long. Only her boyfriend can hold his happiness while in her presence. Her powers bring pain, despair, wrath and apathy are her powers she is quite powerful. Misery brings people down naturally imagine how bad if she is trying. She is a popular heroine. She is 23 and in great shape as well.

Illusion has the strangest set of powers she can become virtually invisible, teleport, and she is capable martial artist. She uses invisibility a lot in action popping from foe to foe she is versatile and capable. She is well popular too. Her shirts show her in a dark blue bodysuit and they sell off the shelves. She is a friendly super that says only what needs to be said. She is popular too. She is 22 and knows her powers well.

There are some occasional heroes that have been spotted. Clearly there is a Sorceress and a Cleric. That have been rather reclusive and they rarely are seen in hero form.

There have been sightings of two heroine, one in orange running with a twin flying over her who is wearing the same costume but yellow. The runner has Sable hair and the flyer has white Blonde hair. They wear a version of Vixens’ costume in different colors and higher boots. They have great tans and look quite sexy too. Their wiliness to hero might make them junior members of the group, as they have plenty of time to hero it up. The Sable one is a capable martial artist. The blonde one hinders the mobs they fight with her powers,

They have a natural sense to do teamwork with each other and utilize this regularly. They are capable and work alone but are tougher together. They have different skills and powers. They are almost identical without their costumes aside from the hair color of Blonde. The twins will come as a package and that is that'