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The police report from 8-14-18

12 am: The eventual path by the Sorceress, the Cleric and kitty woman walking toward the Black Knight finally reached him. His reputation for killing heroes is up to nine. No sooner than kitty woman died and reverted back to woman, the Ice Vixen arrived. Her best attempt to slow him failed as the Cleric resurrected the woman. The former kitty woman stood up and ran for her life. Ice vixen ice blacked the Knight and he broke free his next movement phase. The Sorceress was using her Dragon Bane spell. The Cleric nuked him with Radiant damage. He approached the Sorceress and she needed healing after his blow. That is when she saw the six person team and she held the knight and moved away.

Restrain ran up and punched him and glued him the ground. The black night broke free from the glue. The black knight ran away from Restrain and straight to Ice Vixen. The first blow dropped her ice crystalline shield. With the second blow he removed her head killing the heroine who has done so much for the city, Beguile found he could not control the knight. The Scarlet Knight flew into the black knight knocking him down. Vixen blasted him with pure energy and the Black Knight screamed as it hit. Misery is able to blast him with Rejection. Illusion was nowhere in sight as usual but she would strike when it was time for that. Restrain hit the Black Knight again gluing him down prone. The Cleric blasted him with Radiant damage and he screamed again and took heavy damage. He took yet another Dragon Bane from the Sorceress. Misery stole some of his endurance. He stood as he broke the glue. He swung his black sword at the Scarlet Knight and he took little damage from it. The Scarlet knight knocked him down again with a mighty blow.

The ladies all nuked him again while he was down. He stood and charged at Vixen. Illusion teleported into his path and threw him down with force enough he went through the street. The Black Knight went unconscious and with that a swirl of magic sapped his body away.

The Sorceress took the Cleric’s hand and they both disappeared to another place. The six heroes that helped defeat the knight could not repair the removed head of the Ice Vixen The heroine who meant so much to the City of Diamond was gone and she would be missed. The six heroes attended her heroe’s funeral and vowed publicly to take her place as the heroes of the Diamond City. The Scarlet Knight, Restrain, Beguile, Vixen, Misery and Illusion were the new heroes. The heroes base had its areas built to accommodate to the new heroes.

As weeks went by the presence of multiple heroes gave the people a new feeling of security. The six heroes patrolled and were popular from the get go, selling many things in the Heroes Shop. They would use the base as a meeting point and some even lived there. The Scarlet Knight, Restrain and Misery moved in to the center and the others came and went.

The Diamond City was thrilled that there were new heroes