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The police reports

1-21-20 Coda and White Ice begin to patrol the city together. They begin to chip away at the villains and force them to join up in bigger groups. They make lots of progress until they form bigger groups and they take some back.

3-12-2020 The heroine Intrigue joins the group. They are three now and can do a little more to take some back.

4-15-2020 the star singer and model has become the heroine Idol. She is the martial artist that the group does not have. The group of four is much stronger and takes back a little more


7-3-2020 The hero Starfire who is an alien. He was banished from his home world because he was anti to the establishment. He was sentenced to be lost in space and his rocket crash landed into the Yukon. He took the image of a handsome man he met when he was rescued. He is shipped to the Tourmaline City and joins the heroes in the city. There are five heroes now and the group takes back the rest and pushes deeper into villain territory.

7-5-2020 The celebration of heroes goes well thousands of people came and has a good time with the heroes. No villains came and the celebration raised 3.6 million dollars.

7-6-2020 The heroes are more together than ever and control the majority of the city now. The villains are running and hiding in those areas and control of the city is retaken. It is like this the remainder of this year and it continues through the summer of next year.